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Hardware & Software Bundling

Argus IT Services has crafted a solution to address one of the more common, but consistent challenges every IT infrastructure team faces.  The continuous introduction of new technology…  Whether its end user technology refreshes, to the support of new acquisitions, to major software upgrades, Argus provides a simplistic approach to the full life-cycle of IT Infrastructure management.  From acquiring and deploying to supporting, and eventually retiring a company’s end of life technology, Argus can provide one vendor, one price, and one seamlessly integrated solution.  By bundling the cost of the hardware and the services together we deliver the following benefits:


Reduced operating expense (OPEX) - A Bundled hardware and services acquisition allows you to capitalized the entire cost and remove the associated services from your OPEX budget.

Reduced Cost – With a bundled solution all of your HW/SW costs are included, eliminating the surprises of unexpected service add-ons or over-runs often associated with engaging hourly services.

Faster Implementation – Once the solution is packaged, our proven process and skilled technicians can focus on execution and as needed, allow your organization to only have to interface with one vendor.

Streamlined Administration – Time and effort spent in contract negotiations, budgeting, invoice management, PO processing, vendor screening/badging, etc. are greatly reduced. The need to replicate these activities over multiple vendors or to execute some of the activities multiple times for the same vendor is simple eliminated.

Improved overall service and value – Hardware and full-life-cycle infrastructure services bundling, eliminates the hand-offs, extra scheduling, multiple points of failure, etc. that slow projects down and require more hands-on management time from you organize.