Charities – Asset Repurposing

The Challenge

Clients of the local Battered Women’s Foundation (BWF) needed computer tools and resources to help rebuild lives for themselves and their children.

The Results

Utilizing Argus’s “eGreen Electronics” branded refurbished products, we implemented a series of projects and an ongoing “Technology in the Home” program to provide resources to the clients of BWF Center in Texas.

The Solution

Argus wanted to help the local community and use our technical skills to make a difference. We called local non-profit groups that focus on Women’s shelters and met with the Battered Women’s Foundation Center (BWF). The BWF Center assists women and children in the transition from shelters to independent living after seeking help in a Women’s and Children’s shelter. We lined up a number of projects that would have the maximum impact utilizing equipment from our eGreen Electronics computer outlet.

Our first project provided a server and three computers for an English as a Second Language learning center for the clients who needed help with English. The server was loaded with software and networked with the training room. Our second project involved building out four systems for the children’s area. The systems provided a gaming platform for children’s games and a place for doing homework.

Our third and ongoing project is to provide systems in the homes of clients who are in school and need computing resources for their college homework, resume and job search efforts, and children’s homework. Argus has provided fourteen systems to BWF Center in support of the “Technology in the Home” program.