Health Care – New Asset Roll-out

The Challenge

A Health Care Provider need 1230 new computers provisioned and rolled-out to users across two new sites, including receiving, imaging, asset management and the configuration and installation of the new assets. The client also required the secure and environmentally friendly retirement of current IT assets at each location.

The Results

Argus successfully provided all of the new computer imaging, installation and existing IT asset retirement for the $250 million expansion of the Client’s medical district campus on time and within budget.

The Solution

All 1230 units of new equipment were shipped to the secure and environmentally certified Argus Technology Center to be processed. Argus received the first 100 computers within weeks.

Argus provided the client an inventory reporting process that allowed their project team to log into the Argus Information Management System (AIMS) online. Each computer received an image and was secured in a Mobile Asset Cart (MAC) for delivery. The secure Mobil Asset Cart was delivered to the hospital where the new computers were installed. The retired IT assets were moved to the same secure MAC to be returned to the Technology Center for processing. Once the computers were returned to the Technology Center they were processed in priority. Reusable equipment was set aside for the Client's Employee Sale while less desirable machines were processed for bulk brokering. Equipment that was not reusable was marked for dismantling using Argus’s Environmentally Sustainable process. A consistent and accurate weekly status report was delivered via e-mail from Argus’s Operations Manager.

Argus IT Service’s Desktop Deployment team saved the day using our Technology Center as the central point for receiving, imaging and configuring the computers. The on-site desktop Deployment Team completed the project with a quick, clean install and safe disposal.