Construction – Asset Support

The Challenge

A Major Intl. construction company made a US acquisition and needed hardware/software asset management across 109 sites in 7 states. Argus successfully lead the effort, inventorying and providing online tools in less than two weeks.

The Results

Argus provided a wide range of services to our client during this project that required quick and decisive responses. With Argus' 17 years of experience in IT staffing and Services, we were able to assist in planning and implementation and successfully completed the project on time.

The Solution

A full accounting of all computer assets including photographic documentation of site and network layouts was required by our customer. They were finalizing the purchase of a company and needed an accurate inventory of assets and documentation of general site configurations. Argus delivered quick and efficient solutions by providing our automated asset audit tool, online asset management database, and many years of managing customer assets.

Argus scheduled a pilot to ensure the project was planned and executed with pinpoint precision. Each technician was outfitted with all the tools necessary to automatically document assets using a software discovery tool and to be the eyes of the acquiring company using digital cameras.

Each technician was assigned a territory and reported back to the service desk with updates for each site visit. The service desk documented each completed task for every location ensuring a thorough and concise site report. Photographs were taken of plant configurations and network closets. This information allowed implementation of standard network configurations across all sites. All photographs were uploaded and were accessed as part of the online portal. Once the information was collected, our online asset management tool provided reports for hardware and software verification and compliance. Each report was custom designed for specific information that was required by the customer.