Government – Secure Asset Destruction

The Challenge

A Major Government entity needed a trusted vendor to securely receive and destroy 500 “Classified Government Encryption Devices” and their associated hard drives, using a documented and environmentally friendly process.

The Results

Argus provided a proven process to inventory the equipment at the client site, provide secure point to point transport and re-verification of the inventory after arrival at the Argus Technology Center. The client was delighted with the results and is considering following services.

The Solution

After lengthy vendor reviews, a major Government Agency selected Argus to shred “Classified Government Encryption Devices" along with their associated hard drives. Upon winning the contract Argus quickly developed a comprehensive project plan using their proven “End-of-Life” Asset destruction process. The client was included in all phases of project planning and execution to ensure each step was also in line with the Client's stringent security guidelines.

The encryptors arrived at Argus’s Technology Center in Grand Prairie via secure transport, along with client personnel. Inventory was again validated after arrival and the asset destruction process began with the client on site until completion. Every step of the process was strictly followed and the client signed off upon successful completion. Due to the classified nature of the assets, extra scrutiny was given to Argus’s work activities and adherence to the required security procedures. The client was extremely pleased with the results and is now engaged in discussions with Argus for future projects requiring the same security parameters.