Government – Secure Asset Destruction & Recycle

The Challenge

The US Department of Homeland Security needed a proven vendor to manage the destruction of 14,000 lbs. of “Sensitive Technology Equipment” in one day with all of the shredded material sent to local recyclers.

The Results

Argus delivered and executed their proven and secure process for “End-of-Life” electronic asset disposal flawlessly. 14,000 lbs. of Sensitive Technology Equipment was destroyed in 4.5 hours under the watchful eye of US Customs Officials.

The Solution

Argus partnered with the US Department of Homeland Security to destroy “Sensitive Technology Equipment” (STE). Due to the sensitive nature of this project each step of the engagement was witness by Customs officials at Argus’s Technology Center (ATC) facility.

Using a proven, secure and sustainable approach, Argus received 14,000 lbs. of confiscated STE at their Technology Center in Grand Prairie via secure transport, along with two Custom officials to oversee the process. The equipment inventory was validated after arrival and Argus’s asset destruction process began with the officials on-site until completion. Every step of the process was strictly followed and signed off upon successful completion. The total destruction process took 4.5 hours, ending with the shredded material being packaged and prepared for shipment to local recyclers to complete a safe and sustainable end-of-life retirement, destruction, and recycling of the equipment.