The Strength of Any Talent Acquisition Supply Chain is Determined by the Weakest Link

It is no longer good enough to just locate talent.
Businesses need to be attractive to the right talent in order to,

  • ENGAGE the best candidates
  • ATTRACT the best new team members
  • CREATE a high performance culture
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Identify  |  Locate

► Clarify duties, responsibilities, etc.
► Define goals, objectives, etc.
► Identify capabilities and competencies


Connect  |  Acquire

► Create competitive differentiation
► Enhance the employer brand message
► Become “attractive” to the “right” candidates


Performance  |  Impact

► Achieve more than “hiring a candidate”
► Strategically improve internal capability
► Create enterprise value

Engagement Requires Knowing Who is the Right Candidate

Typical Causes of Sourcing Ineffectiveness Include:

  1. Position poorly defined, e.g. duties, responsibilities, capabilities, objectives, goals
  2. Performance factors (capabilities and level of competency) are not identified

Attracting the Right Candidate Requires the Right Message

Typical Causes of Recruiting Ineffectiveness Include:

  1. Candidate sourcing is transactional and not strategic to improve internal capability
  2. Employer brand needs to be more “attractive” to the best and “right” candidates


Creating High Performance Requires High Performers

Typical Causes of Consistent Performance Ineffectiveness Include:

  1. The environment cultivates performance consistent with average capabilities
  2. Mediocre performance creates an environment attractive to average leaders
  3. Average leaders maintain low expectations of team members and so on

High Performers can be Recruited to Any Role

High Performers create disruption, new products, new revenue centers, improved client satisfaction, a culture of innovation, a great place to work and the list goes on. Their contributions to the business are orders of magnitude greater than the cost to acquire and retain them.

Qualified Candidate

  • Minimally qualified
  • Prior role experience
  • Prior industry experience
  • Good technical skills
  • Good soft skills
  • Looks good on paper
  • Interviews well
  • Rated 7 or 8 out of 10
  • Can do the job

Highly Qualified Candidate

  • Highly qualified
  • Great prior experience
  • Prior industry experience
  • Excellent technical skills
  • Excellent soft skills
  • Looks great on paper
  • Interviews very well
  • Rated 8 or 9 out of 10
  • Has done the job!

High Performer

  • “Over qualified”
  • Broad prior experience
  • Varied prior experience
  • Technical mastery
  • Demonstrated soft skills
  • Great prior work product
  • Communicator/influencer
  • Rated 10+ out of 10
  • Intrepreneur

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