Health Care – Asset Refresh

The Challenge

Provide an IT asset refresh cycle that would replace 33% of the hospitals 4500 computers. Include a Secure and Green® solution for the retired assets.

The Results

Argus IT Service’s Desktop Deployment team rose to the occasion using our Technology Center as the central point for receiving, imaging and configuring the computers , resulting in a quick and flawless on-site installation.

The Solution

When our Hospital client asked us to help them with their Computer Refresh Project consisting of 1400 pc’s, we went into high gear preparing for the 3 year refresh cycle.

Our Operations Manager worked closely with the procurement team to provide the initial Asset Management tracking for all equipment shipped from the manufacturer. During the ongoing project, our Operations Manager provided weekly asset management reports that included inventory assets at Argus and tracking of assets that have been deployed. Once the equipment was received into the Argus Information Management System (AIMS), our technical staff went to work preparing the computers for deployment. Each asset was unpacked and quality control processes were initiated to document each step of the entire process, from imaging to installation. Each asset had an initial image applied, an Asset Tag was applied and then it was placed in our Secure Mobile Asset Carts for delivery.

Our Logistics Team transported our Mobile Asset Carts (MAC) to the hospital for installation. Once on-site, our Installation Team verified the placement of the computer and removed the retired computer. The old asset was placed back into the MAC for secure transport back to the Technology Center for proper disposition, including disk wiping and media shredding. The tech completed the installation ensuring that all connections and peripherals were functioning before turning the computer over to the end user.

Argus Life Cycle Management has been used since 2000 and has evolved into an extremely efficient process for small and large scale computer deployments.