Technology Rejuvenation & Donation


Why focus on the “Digital Divide”?

Education - 3% of low-income students have access to Internet at home, in contrast to 50 percent of higher-income students.

Race - While the disparity between races regarding access to digital information has lessened, as of 2009, 77.3% of Asian Americans, 68% of Whites, 49.4% of Blacks, and 47.9% of Hispanics used broadband at home.

Economic Status - There is a direct correlation between the digital divide and socio-economic status in the US, indicating an increasing and longer term struggle.

Future Earning Power - In 2010, 57% of individuals earning less than $30,000, 80% of individuals earning $30,000 - $49,999, 86% of individuals earning $50,000 - $74,999, and 95% of individuals earning $75,000 and more used the Internet. While almost 100 percent of urban residents have access to download speeds of at least 6 Mbps, only about 82 percent of residents in rural communities can access those speeds

The Participants – Nationally

To establish the foundation for success, we are actively seeking multiple corporate, state and local government, and philanthropic participants. The companies choosing to participate would simply take advantage of our existing Repurposing Services matched with the charitable program or organization of their choice. Companies can either indicate which philanthropic or charitable organization they’d like to direct their end of life IT assets to or we can review our existing participants for an optimum match or matches.

Below is a partial list of some of the recent recipients of Argus community focus and contributions:

  • Battered Women Foundation (BWF)
  • YMCA Dallas
  • St Luke’s Catholic Church, Irving TX
  • Christ For India
  • Montrel Living Veteran Housing
  • Volunteer Fire Departments